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Vision for Mission with Randy Friesen
It was a friend of Multiply in Kansas who first introduced our staff to a Muslim-background church-planting leader in West Africa who was interested in partnering with us. After several short-term mission teams and staff visited the region, we decided to send a long-term couple to support and resource this church-planting leader in the Sahara desert. 
Youssef’s conversion came while he was living in the US following grad school. Jesus appeared to him in a dream and said, “I want you to join me.” Eventually, Jesus called Youssef back to Western Africa and began to direct him to others who also had dreams of Jesus.
One of these examples occurred recently when a man who knew Youssef had a dream of Jesus. He prayed to God in response, “If it is really you coming to me in my dreams, then send Youssef to visit me.” So the man went outside, sat under a tree, and waited.

That afternoon, Youssef was on his way to another village when he had the impression that he needed to go to this man’s village. He did not know why, but he felt that he needed to obey God’s prompting. As Youssef entered the village, he saw the man sitting under a tree. When the man saw Youssef, he ran over to him and told him that he’d been waiting for him all day. After telling Youssef about his dreams, the man gave his life to Jesus right there and then.
Our prayer is that Muslims throughout the world would receive dreams and visions of Jesus during the fasting month of Ramadan, which begins May 5. Will you join us in this prayer each day this next month?
In May, we are also launching our global church-planting campaign called “That The World May Know.” We are praying for 500 new churches and 50,000 new believers just like Youssef over the next two years. We are also praying for a significant increase in prayer and financial resources to undergird this campaign. 
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